How can have all the iterations of my XML using Talend Studio?

i’m beginning in Talend Studio, and i want to implement database with all the informations of my XML file. But the issue is that have only one iteration of each tag.

The format of my datas looks like

<Machine>       <SpeciesGroupDefinition>             <StemType>             ...             </StemType>            <Grades>                        <Grade>                        ...                        </Grade>            </Grades>       </SpeciesGroupDefinition>       <ProductDefinition>             <DiameterClasses>             ...             </DiameterClasses>       </ProductDefinition>  </Machine>  

*Tag : <SpeciesGroupDefinition> , <StemType> , <ProductDefinition> , <DiameterClasses>are repeating in the file. *

And I need all the informations if these tag.

So I tried to Implement solution with flows replication and then using XMLExtract.TalendScreenshot

How can I have all the iteration of my document ?

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