Several numpy arrays to single pandas datafram

I have several numpy arrays:

ema9 = talib.EMA(amzn['Close'].values, 9) ema10 = talib.EMA(amzn['Close'].values, 10) ema11 = talib.EMA(amzn['Close'].values, 11) 

I’d like to get them all organised into a single panda df. How can I do this? Please help. Thank you.

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You can put all your arrays in a list and do a pd.concat

list_of_arrays = [ema9, ema10, ema11] single_pandas_df = pd.concat(list_of_arrays, axis=0, ignore_index=True) 
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This did it:

single_pandas_df = pd.DataFrame(np.array(list_of_arrays).T)

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