How to transform JSON to JSON using WSO2 XSLT mediator?

I was using XSLT mediator inside WSO2 EI/ESB version 6.5.0. I need to transform json to json , for that i thought of using XSLT mediator .

Input json as follows ,

 {                 "claim_type": [                     {                         "value": "Buildings",                         "code": 1,                         "effectiveDate": "1920-01-01T00:00:00Z",                         "system": "POLICY"                     }                   ]                 } 

Output json as follows , ‘value’ will be transformed to ‘description’ and ‘code’ is transformed to ‘id’

 "claim_type": [                 {                     "description": "Buildings",                     "id": 1,                                      }               ]             }              

Tricky part is ‘claim_type’ is not fixed , it can be any text’xxxxxxx’ . Can i do it with XSLT code . Can some one please suggest hint for this ?

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an example using a script mediator

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>  <proxy xmlns=""        name="transformation"        startOnLoad="true"        statistics="disable"        trace="disable"        transports="http,https,local">     <target>         <inSequence>             <payloadFactory media-type="json">                 <format>{                     "claim_type": [                         {                             "value": "Buildings",                             "code": 1,                             "effectiveDate": "1920-01-01T00:00:00Z",                             "system": "POLICY"                         },                         {                             "value": "Buildings2",                             "code": 2,                             "effectiveDate": "1920-01-01T00:00:00Z",                             "system": "POLICY2"                         }                     ]                 }</format>                 <args/>             </payloadFactory>             <script language="js">                 var claims = mc.getPayloadJSON();                 var log = mc.getServiceLog();                 var keys = Object.keys(claims);                 claims = claims[keys[0]];                 var response = {claims: []};                 for(var i =0; i < claims.length; i++) {                     var item = claims[i];           {id: item.code, claim_type: item.value});                 }                        mc.setPayloadJSON(response);             </script>             <log level="full"/>             <property name="messageType"                       scope="axis2"                       type="STRING"                       value="application/json"/>             <respond/>         </inSequence>         <outSequence/>         <faultSequence/>     </target>     <description/>  </proxy> 
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