How do I receive Ebay Platform Notifications with PHP?

I am currently using Paypal’s Notifications when I receive a payment. Since all my payments from ebay come from Paypal, this worked for many years. Just enter a URL in your paypal account and with a few lines of code you can get all the info sent to you when you get an order. Ebay’s contract with Paypal ends soon. So, now I need Ebay to send notifications, not Paypal. This seems way more complex. First I need to “subscribe” to the notification I want. In my case that would be the “FixedPriceTransaction” notification. I think I can handle the subscribing part. When I receive an order it should send data to the URL I supplied. But then what? I need some code to put on my webpage to acknowledge that I received it, and to get that data into a usable format to insert into a MySQL database. Right now, I get all the Paypal data as Post variables like $_POST['address_street'], $_POST['address_city'], etc. I need to be able to get variables like this with the Ebay notifications, but can’t find simple code to do it. Please Help.

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