Hide the Button when the Status Changed in Xamarin

I have Implemented a Button, which calls for a function. That function actually sends a request to server to issue a credential. When user receives a Credential, Status of Credential is Offered, but when s/he clicks on This Button, it sends a request to server and the Status of Button change to Received.

I only wants to Show the Button when the Status of Button is Offered.


<Button x:Name="Button_Round" WidthRequest="40" HeightRequest="40" CornerRadius="20" BorderWidth="2" TextColor="White" BorderColor="Teal" BackgroundColor="Teal" Text="Accept Offer" Command="{Binding ProcessOffer}" /> 

CredentialViewModel.cs => CreateRequestAsync() is the one, which sends request to server. When the request is sent successfully, I want to hide the button.

    public ICommand ProcessOffer => new Command(async () =>     {         try         {             //await _poolConfigurator.ConfigurePoolsAsync();             var agentContext = await _agentContextProvider.GetContextAsync();             var credentialRecord = await _credentialService.GetAsync(agentContext, _credential.Id);             var connectionId = credentialRecord.ConnectionId;             var connectionRecord = await _connectionService.GetAsync(agentContext, connectionId);             (var request, _) = await _credentialService.CreateRequestAsync(agentContext, _credential.Id);             await _messageService.SendAsync(agentContext.Wallet, request, connectionRecord);             await DialogService.AlertAsync("Request has been sent to the issuer.", "Success", "Ok");         }         catch (Exception e)         {             await DialogService.AlertAsync("Pool is not correctly configured. Please add proper genesis file.\n("+e.Message+")","Pool Error","Ok");         }     }); 

If you could guide me, It will be very kind of you 🙂

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bind the IsVisible property to a VM property

<Button x:Name="Button_Round"  IsVisible="{Binding ButtonVisible}" ... /> 

then in your VM (your VM must implement INotifyPropertyChanged)

private bool _ButtonVisible = true;  public bool ButtonVisible {   get {     return _ButtonVisible;   }   set {      _ButtonVisible = value;      PropertyChanged("ButtonVisible");   }  } 

then whenever your receive the response from the server, you can set ButtonVisible to the appropriate value

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