extract XML tag content with PHP

I have a PHP script that extracts data from an XML and so far it only looks for tag attributes. How can I also extract the tag content?


<test name="Example 1"> <status status="FAIL" starttime="20200501 09:36:52.452" endtime="20200501 09:37:07.159"  critical="yes">Setup failed: Variable '${EMAIL_INPUT}' not found.</status> </test> 


foreach ($result->test as $result) {                                           echo $result['name'], PHP_EOL;                     $endtime = $result->status;                     echo $endtime['starttime'], PHP_EOL;                     echo $endtime['endtime'], PHP_EOL;                     echo $endtime['status'], PHP_EOL; 


What I need is the text in-between the tags:

"Setup failed:Variable ‘${EMAIL_INPUT}’ not found."


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To get the contents of a node you can just cast node to string:

// I changed to `as $test` 'cause `as $result`  // overwrites initial `$result` variable foreach ($result->test as $test) {     $endtime = $test->status;     $text = (string) $endtime;     // Also `echo` will cast `$endtime` to string implicitly     echo $text; } 
Answered on July 17, 2020.
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