Data from mysql database to interactive plot

I’m monitoring my temperature at home with several temperature sensors, safe the data in a MySQL database, and want to plot the data on my website.

I want the plot to be as interactive (the ideal visualization i want to copy is this Website, and if possible to update itself every minute or so.

I’m familiar with python (and PHP, C++) and have worked with plotly, but I don’t know how to embed plotly plot on my website without uploading it on their website (which is a no-go for me).

How would you suggest to continue here (should i switch to javascript)? I’m not very familiar with websites, so help would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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Oracle Application Express (abbreviated APEX, previously named Oracle HTML DB) is a web-based software development environment that runs on an Oracle database. It is fully supported and comes standard (at no additional cost) with all Oracle Database editions and, starting with Oracle 11g, is installed by default as part of the core database install.

APEX can be used to build complex web applications which can be used in most modern web browsers. The APEX development environment is also browser-based

You can use Oracle Apex web charts to vizualize data from your MySQL database.

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